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mad brooklyn

"Always awesome" Gilded Porcelain Ring

"Always awesome" Gilded Porcelain Ring

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Glazed Porcelain ring with painted 22k gold details

Approximate height of ring: 0.4 inch

Due to handmade process of this item, please embrace unique variations such as occasional brush strokes, marks, finger prints, shape and color variations. Because of the handmade nature of these rings, the sizes are approximate.

Handle with care: This ring is made with porcelain which is ceramics after all, please take care when wearing and abstain from dropping or banging it against hard surfaces or doing manual labor while wearing. It does not have the same durability as metal jewelry and stresses as described above may cause damage. The gold luster is a surface decoration and will eventually show signs of wear, especially if you wear the ring next to other rings.

Avoid water and chemicals: Remove your porcelain jewelry before swimming, bathing, or using harsh chemicals like detergents or perfumes. These substances can damage the luster finish.

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