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Jacqueline Tse Studio/ mad brooklyn

Jacqueline Tse x Betsy Enzensberger Collab: I'm a Sweetheart

Jacqueline Tse x Betsy Enzensberger Collab: I'm a Sweetheart

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Jacqueline Tse x Betsy Enzensberger

Cake Time! This handmade porcelain and stoneware cake by Jacqueline Tse, is embellished with skulls and dollops of frosting. This cake slice is situated next to a stack of pastel pops, symbolizing love and kindness. Ironically the stack is held together with a knife. However, the knife is pink so we can assume it's not for evil, it's just a way to stack the pops and cut the cake.

Original Melting Pops™ by Betsy Enzensberger.

About Jacqueline Tse: Jacqueline's work is highly influenced by her anxieties of being human, particularly the dilemmas of everyday urban life. It is an ongoing exploration of her fascination with American society of excess and shameless consumerism, social media overstimulation, greed and gluttony as a remedy for emotional disconnection. Meanwhile still celebrating the beauty and flaws of these fragile human conditions.

Betsy Enzensberger founded the Original Melting Pops™ in 2016. She specializes in creating larger-than-life resin art works, sculpting a variety of ice cream art, most notably melting popsicle pop art. Her shape stays true to the ice cream, yet the design elements continue to evolve.

Medium: Resin, Ink, Porcelain, Knife, Acrylic

11" tall x 7" x 7"

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