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Jacqueline Tse Studio/ mad brooklyn

Mini Ceramic Cupcake

Mini Ceramic Cupcake

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Handmade ceramic stoneware and porcelain cupcake

Mini: H 1 x W 1.9 x D 1.76 inches

Artist signature "J.Tse" on the bottom

I strive for consistency but also embrace the unique qualities inherent to the handmade process, no two are exactly alike. Please embrace unique variations such as finger prints, occasional tool marks, minor cracks and textures.

Disclaimer: Art ceramics are not for play nor are they toys. They are great for display and as additions to your decor and collection. Please keep away from children and pets. Please do not under any circumstances put this in the mouth and/or attempt to eat it. I will not be liable for any injury incurred for any intentional or unintentional attempt to treat this as an actual food item...I am forced to put this in my description because I have received comments of people joking about wanting to eat this on my social media even knowing that they are ceramic.

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